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Boxer Dog Price in India 2022 (Monthly Expenses Included)

Published on 02 May 2022 / In Pets & Animals

Boxer Dog Price in India 2022. If you have decided to get a Boxer Puppy, then through this video you will know the price of this dog breed, and also its Monthly Expenses.

Firstly, let’s know some basics about the Boxer: A Boxer is a medium-sized dog breed with an average height of 53-63 cm and a weight of 25-32 kg.

Boxer is a working dog and is not the breed that enjoys staying within 4 walls all day. You have to walk a dog 2 times a day, 1 hour each time. Well, this much is required by every dog, but the boxer demands much more. To keep them happy and balanced, daily you have challenged their body and mind. Teach them different tricks, commands, you can also play various other games with him, like fetch, hide and seek, tug of war, and much more. For a dog to learn all that, intelligence is a must. Boxers are not very intelligent (show 90th position), they take a little time to learn something new, but once they got it, they do not forget easily.

Sometimes, all of us have to go away from our house, at that time if there is no one to be with a dog, this breed is not for you. A Boxer loves to be with his human family, just like a labrador, and also a boxer can guard your home as a German Shepherd. If you have kids in your home, they will always be safe with a boxer. This breed loves kids the most, and also they can protect them from any threat. On the other hand, If left alone, this breed can get easily destructive, and ill-tempered. If you have a large house with a big backyard, I would recommend getting two boxers, so they can have a company of each other.

Here is something which you guys will love. Boxer is not an outdoor breed, which means that it can easily live inside an apartment. But here are some conditions to be applied* Number 1 is that you are not living in an area which is extremely hot. If you do live, dont get a boxer or install an air conditioner in your house. Boxers have a face with a small nose, due to which they cannot cool themselves down easily. (show dog time hot weather stats). The second condition is, that you have to exercise them properly as said before, and they always require the company of someone. Once these conditions are fulfilled, then you can keep a boxer in an apartment. They also like extreme colds.

One cool fact about boxers is that they like to behave like puppies for 3 years. Well, their playfulness speaks for them. It’s important to teach a puppy from its first day, about the Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations of the house.

But what if you are a first-time owner? As said, this breed has both qualities: Being a Family dog, and also a Guard dog. Now it’s up to you, what you make your boxer like. With that the type of energy level puppy you pick, the way you introduce him to your home, and also the way your daily routine is, also determine how your puppy will become. I have a playlist “Getting a New Puppy Guide” which covers all such topics. And if you are planning to get a puppy, or just got a puppy, this playlist is meant for you.

The price of a Boxer depends on the place/person from where you are buying it.
If you are buying from a local pet shop, the price of a Boxer starts from 15,000 and can go up to 30,000 Rs
If you are buying from a breeder, the price of a Boxer will start from 30,000 and can go up to 50,000 Rs. Depending upon how reputed the breed is, what quality he’s giving, and the location where he’s situated.

On average, the total monthly expense of owning a Boxer in India will be around 5,000 - 7,000 Rs. If you choose standard dog food, your monthly expense may come a little lower, and premium dog food will increase it.

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